Thinking about filming in Sweden?

Sweden is a great country to film in. We have been very successful in the motion picture, commercial and music video market for many years. This is not only because of the good creative environment, but also because of the quality of the productions, film crews and modern equipment available here.

Sweden is a vast country. It's about 1600 km from north to south and 500 km from east to west. The northern half of Sweden has a more arctic climate, pretty much like Siberia and northern Canada. The landscape is made out of endless forests of pines and firs, wild rivers running through it, cold lakes, old mountains in the west and a long coastline in the east. What makes this area very special is it's long summer days. In the most northern parts, the sun never sets during the middle of the summer. In the winter it is the opposite. The sun never rises above the horizon.

The Swedish northern territory is a very popular place to shoot car commercials in, because of it's wilderness, sense of isolation and the beautiful ambient light. The area also guarantees snow during wintertime, making it popular for shoots requiring the white stuff!

The southern part of Sweden has a milder climate. It does snow during the winter, but not as much as in the north. Southern Sweden has four distinct seasons. This makes it popular to come here for shoots requiring specific seasons. The landscape is made of forests, lakes, smaller rivers, hills, fields, farms and a very long coastline with beaches, cliffs and islands.

Located on Sweden’s eastern coast is Stockholm, the capital. Stockholm is a very beautiful city surrounded by water. Many visitors describe Stockholm as the most beautiful capital in the world. Stockholm has an “old town” with houses from 17th century with a huge French inspired castle in the middle of it. The city also offers endless examples of both old and modern Scandinavian architecture.

Many of them typify the popular Scandinavian functionalism. Outside of Stockholm is a huge archipelago consisting of thousands of small beautiful islands.

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